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Pippa Davidson

During her career, Pippa has built up a strong fund administration background together with compliance and regulatory expertise, giving her considerable experience in providing administration, and director services, to all a wide range of fund and corporate clients. She has acted as Compliance Officer for a range of funds, trust and fund services business, and in recent years had been establishing and building fund administration businesses in the Island. In February 2020, Pippa joined RBC as Director and Team Lead for RBC Cees, trustee and corporate relationship teams. Pippa’s focus is on the development and support of people, enabling culture and ensuring the business delivers high standards of client excellence. As part of the sale of RBC Cees to JTC in April 2021, Pippa became a Senior Director at JTC. 

In 2017, Pippa established the Lean In Jersey network, with now over 600 members locally. The network has become one of the fastest growing outside of the USA, and continues to offer professional development and networking opportunities to its members. Lean In Jersey supports members with mentoring, soft skills development and wellbeing. The network is partnered with IoD Jersey and Team Jersey to develop and implement the Diversity Charter for Jersey which was launched in February this year. Pippa is passionate about diversity and helping to support women achieve their goals. She currently works with a number of key local stakeholders, including Government, to continue to shift the dial for diversity in the Island and make it a better place to work for all. 

Pippa is passionate about D&I and believes no one should feel held back or not offered an opportunity due to their gender, race, beliefs or other differences. In particular, she feels we need to work harder to change behaviors and tackle gender bias from a young age, in everything our children see, read and watch. Through Lean In, Pippa not only wants to empower women in our network by helping them to build confidence, to learn and connect together, but to engage and inspire the next generation of young girls to challenge bias and to have every opportunity possible. 

Pippa was awarded the IoD Jersey Young Director of the Year award in 2017, she holds a BA in History from Oxford Brookes University and the International Compliance Association Diploma.

Pippa Davidson: Meet the Team
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