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Pankti Kapadia

Pankti started her professional career in India, with HSBC, 14 years ago in IT as a software engineer supporting Retail and Commercial business across multiple countries including India, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Canada and Bangladesh.

She moved to Jersey in 2012 where she joined the team of Analyst programmers supporting the business across Channel Islands, Bermuda, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Three years ago she diverted her career path to pursue her passion for Change Management and is currently working as PMO manager with the Wealth and Personal Banking business for both HSBC Expat and Channel Islands businesses.

Pankti’ s passion for D&I (especially women empowerment) comes from observations made during her cycling expeditions across India. In her words – Since childhood I was attracted to activities and career choices that have were perceived as male centric, be it competitive cycling, sailing or engineering. I vividly remember as a teenager I was declined entry in a cycling competition on the basis of my gender. I couldn’t fathom this! I was always supported by my parents and now by my husband to pursue whatever path I wished to follow. I was taught that there is nothing I cannot do if I put the hard work and dedication in. Growing up and wading through my career I noticed that this support was not always available to women around me. When I moved to Jersey it did surprise me that it is not just a problem from my home country but is a global issue – just at different levels of maturity. I believe that there is a lot of work that can be done in the Diversity & Inclusion space and is one of the main reasons I joined Lean In committee in Nov 2019 after being a member since Jan 2018. I am strong believer that empowered women can empower women. It is imperative that everyone believes that success in professional life comes with continuous professional development and confidence in yourself and not because you are a particular gender, colour or ethnic background. 

Pankti Kapadia: Meet the Team
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