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Millie Murray

Millie is a self-motivated, extremely positive and proactive finance professional, with over 12
years of experience in the Trust Industry in Jersey. She provides Fiduciary, Company and
retirement planning expertise to high net worth individuals with complex tax circumstances.

With a successful track-record in managing a portfolio of Trusts and Companies at a manager
level and focused on helping RBC cees’ achieving its objectives, whilst helping clients in an
expedited and professional manner. Millie possesses excellent interpersonal skills and the
ability to communicate and negotiate at all levels.

Millie is very passionate about diversity and even calls herself a citizen of the world due to
her mixed heritage, being half Colombian, half Portuguese, born in Venezuela and married to
a Scouser! For this reason, she ensures an all-embracing attitude in all her human

Millie moved to Jersey 14 years ago and believes this is a great place to live, however, she
feels that there is still not much clarity in why diversity matters, in businesses, in schools and
even government and for this reason she joined the Lean In Jersey Committee so she can be
part of the change and dialogue. The end goal should be shifting the dial so these
conversations are not only productive but not uncomfortable.

Millie is passionate about equality in the workplace and strongly believes that there should be
Equity in pay and Equity in advancement opportunities hence why women should Lean In
and not be scared of it.

Millie holds a B.A. (Hons) in Organizational Communication and a Diploma in International
Trust Management from the Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners
Personally, Millie enjoys the simple things in life, spending time with her family and friends,
travelling and immersing herself in those cultures, reading a good book and cooking.

Millie Murray: Meet the Team
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