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Everyone benefits from having a strong mentor. Expand your network, develop skills, have a voice!

Mentoring: About Us

I attended the launch of your mentor programme which Wendy Martin hosted. Thereafter I volunteered to be a mentor. 

I met with my mentee over many weeks last year and she has since successfully navigated herself to a more satisfying job. I’m also proud to say that she has also followed her entrepreneurial passion and is in the process of setting up an online business which I think will be a game changer in Jersey. 

Andrew Dann - EY - Mentor

Mentoring: Quote
Audience Clapping

Do you want to really target that next promotion?

Do you want exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking?

Do you want to bounce ideas off someone who's done it all before?

Are you wanting to know how to balance work and family life but still reach the top of your career?

Do you want guidance on honing your strengths and mitigating your development areas?


Professor Lecturing on Stage

Are you wanting to give something back?

Have your benefited from a really good mentor and want to share that experience?

Do you have a desire to guide an enthusiastic and committed person in the next challenge in their career? 

Do you have tips, tricks of the trade and life experience that would benefit others?

Do you want recognition as a subject matter expert and as a leader?


Mentoring: What We Do

Lean In Jersey is running a mentoring programme that will allow anyone to request a mentor to help them reach their full potential and achieve their career goals. 

We have a strong panel of mentors - someone to suit everyone and are always looking for more!

Please contact us to sign up as either a mentor or a mentee and we'll be in touch with details of what to do next.

Mentoring: Text
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